Our mission is simple: it's not about labels, it's not about being a 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' or 'omnivore' - it's about evolving. For the good of our fellow species, our planet and our health, we need to continue to evolve vegan.  

At Evolving Vegan we are encouraging all of humanity to evolve vegan. In a world where carbon emissions are at an all-time high, water levels continue to rise, natural disasters are increasing and climate change is raging, anything we can do as a species to change our lifestyle for the well-being of our planet is crucial. In an effort to support people of all ages, cultures, and eating habits we are promoting that very universal idea of evolution - an evolution towards eating and practicing plant-based living, even if it means cutting out meat consumption once a week, or no longer wearing animal skin, or simply introducing plant-based milks to your diet. Anything you can do to evolve in a way that helps our fellow living beings, our planet and your personal health is a victory. Everyone is welcome and no judgement is ever passed. This is Evolving Vegan.


In this first project, lead by actor Mena Massoud, who plays the titular role in Disney's upcoming live-action Aladdin, we are going to compile a vegan lifestyle book featuring North America's best plant-based establishments, restauranteurs and chefs to show that eating plant-based around North America, is in fact, accessible, fun, and trendy. In addition to gorgeous photos and delicious recipes inspired by these incredible people from around North America, the Evolving Vegan book will also celebrate these incredible cities we visit, different cultures we encounter and Mena's own personal journey towards plant-based living with heart-felt stories, advice and some crucial information. 


As we visit all of these beautiful cities, we won’t just be taking photos for the book. We’re having a conversation with the restauranteurs, chefs, and staff behind these staple plant-based establishments and documenting it on video. Much like a documentary series, Mena will be sitting down with these revolutionary individuals and talking to them about plant-based living, their hopes, fears, inspirations, advice, and of course - their food. Join Mena as he talks, laughs, dances and yogas (yes, that’s a thing) his way through North America.